Finally! Quality Virgin Hair That Saves You Money

It’s sad when your extension weave hair begins shedding and becoming unruly you see it as expected and not a surprise…We are here to change this. When you invest in your extension hair it should be and investment that gives back over and beyond.

– Silky smooth touch

– Virtually shed free

– Virtually tangle free

– Cost effective

Why Allura Direct Hair Is Different From Other Virgin Hair Suppliers

Allura Hair Direct understands and are now selling our celebrity grade luxury hair taken from private donors who grow and sell hair for our purpose. Hair is cut from a ponytail, naturally sanitized and cleaned, triple stitched, sealed and groomed for sale. We take great pride in this process.

We weave wearers spend thousands on extension hair for necessary maintenance and upkeep.

You can now reuse your hair over and over again because it was manageable, and still very soft to the touch?

Allura Hair Direct virgin extension hair last for years with proper maintenance. Just imagine a hair weave that doesn’t thin out and shed every time you touch it? Just imagine others wanting to touch your hair just because of the way it moves? Just imaging you not purchasing new hair several times a year?

If you have been searching for quality virgin weave hair that last as long as you care for it you are in the right place.

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And no more waiting a month for your order, we have a warehouse in the USA and will get your order to you in a few days!