Finally! Quality Virgin Hair That Saves You Money

It’s sad when your extension weave hair begins shedding and becoming unruly you see it as expected and not a surprise…We are here to change this. When you invest in your extension hair it should be and investment that gives back over and beyond.

– Silky smooth touch

– Virtually shed free

– Virtually tangle free

– Cost effective

Why Allura Direct Hair Is Different From Other Virgin Hair Suppliers

Allura Hair Direct understands and are now selling our celebrity grade luxury hair taken from private donors who grow and sell hair for our purpose. Hair is cut from a ponytail, naturally sanitized and cleaned, triple stitched, sealed and groomed for sale. We take great pride in this process.

We weave wearers spend thousands on extension hair for necessary maintenance and upkeep.

You can now reuse your hair over and over again because it was manageable, and still very soft to the touch?

Allura Hair Direct virgin extension hair last for years with proper maintenance. Just imagine a hair weave that doesn’t thin out and shed every time you touch it? Just imagine others wanting to touch your hair just because of the way it moves? Just imaging you not purchasing new hair several times a year?

If you have been searching for quality virgin weave hair that last as long as you care for it you are in the right place.

Search our website and get your  Allura Virgin hair using “CODE: FBget10” for 10% off today!

And no more waiting a month for your order, we have a warehouse in the USA and will get your order to you in a few days!

Heat Protective Hair Tips

Women and men of all colors might have to  use more heat to assist in our hairstyle lasting longer. Of course it’s best to wear more natural hairstyles to avoid heat altogether; but it’s great to have options! 

The right thermal tool from blow drying to flat ironing we can create the curliest to the straightest sleekest looks and many have damage hair to prove it. But there’s help…

Heat Protection Hair Products must be used to maintain the best health and length of your hair. To style your hair without taking the necessary precautions is like driving a  motorcycle without leather and a helmet; surely there will be damage. Now let’s take our precautions seriously and avoid the inevitable. Continue reading

What Might Be Stopping Your Hair From Growing Longer and Stronger

 Growing Neglected Hair Longer

If you are experiencing hair loss and want to know how to grow your hair back you first have to understand that hair has to be properly taken care of to maintain strength and vitality. Many want to grow hair longer back to a healthy state and just don’t understand how to do this.Hair is always growing It’s just not doing it well due to medications, illnesses, neglect or poor nutrition. Changing your health status and practicing proper hair maintenance to assure well moisturized and healthy hair will stop breakage and allow a fuller head of hair to grow.

Eating healthy foods will benefit hair growth from within, well nourished and moisturized hair will keep hair supple and elastic resisting breakage as protective habits such as protecting hair from high heats and drying materials will allow hair to flourish and maintain more growth.

Why Your Hair Won’t Grow Longer

Your hair is always growing; if you have hair it is always growing unless our hair follicles close. It could be compromised by a clogged scalp and poor eating habits.
  • Smoking discourages blood flow and nourishment to hair.
  • Alcohol thins veins restricting blood flow and is not good for your body or hair growth. Although moderately drinking red wine offers beneficial antioxidants.
  • Junk Food has no place when you want healthy hair. Growing healthy hair requires vitamins to product stronger hair before it leaves the scalp.
  • Neglect from not moisturizing, applying too much heat with styling implements and lack of protection from the elements can cause hair to become extremely dry and break. Continuous breakage makes hair seem not to grow.

What Can Be Going Wrong?

There are those who wear scarves, wigs, hair attachments or hats that either pull or cause pressure that will cut off blood circulation making it impossible for hair to grow from the hair follicles that are affected. In this case, a root stimulant that is designed to stimulate blood circulation in healthy hair follicles to produce hair; provided there was not too much damage.
There are a many people that are excessive when using hair products such as gel and scalp oil. This product should be used sparingly then massaged in; you can not apply this product every square and causing the hair follicles to become clogged. Shampoos and products designed to unclog the hair follicles can help hair follicles to open and produce more hair instead of the few.

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