Why Hair Bundles From Allura Hair Direct is

The Only Hair You Will Ever Need!



Experience the finest quality lace Wigs and hair bundles that come straight from the donors.

Allura Hair last 2 years and more as long as you treat it as you would anything you want to enjoy for a long time. My name is Darlene Matthews and I have been in the hair industry for over 30 years and have been a weave wearer for most of them. I understand the pains and trauma of wearing the wrong hair. More importantly as a long time professional I know how what and why people have bad experiences with weave hair. I’ve seen it all!

  • nits
  • garbage hair
  • strong chemically can cause
  • baldness
  • snarling
  • tangling
  • poor self esteem!

5 Reasons Why AHD Virgin Remy Hair Is Special

  • Soft luxurious feel from being cared for from our specially selected donors to assure you the best quality hair upon arrival.
  • Hair is checked for nits, tripled sanitized and cleansed with hypoallergenic products to avoid reactions such as itchiness and balding to purchasers
  • Our raw virgin hair is sewn in one direction the way all hair grows; allowing it to be virtually tangle free.
  • It is doubled sealed and sewn with advanced technology to allow needled to pass through with less effort while preventing needles, shampooing and combing stress to loosen tracks which can cause shedding in more inferior produced products.
  • We Care About Your Hair!

There are many that charge hundreds for this level of quality but with savvy negotiations Allura Hair Direct is able to bring you the highest quality hair at a reasonable investment.

Save hundreds by investing in Allura Hair from Allura Hair Direct…

Allura Hair Direct will ship your order the same day if placed before 3 P.M. Eastern Standard Time and we always provide you with a tracking number for every one of your purchases! In most cases you will have your hair within 3 days.

We make buying hair a comfortable experience because. We Care About Your Hair at Allura Hair Direct.